Statement of faith

  1. About the Trinity: We believe in one God existing in Three Persons – the Father, the Son and Spirit
  2. About the sovereignty of God: We believe that God is completely sovereign over all of creation, over revelation, over salvation and over the final judgment
  3. About the Bible: We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and the primary authority in questions of truth, faith and life.
  4. About Sin: We believe that humanity is universally sinful since the Fall and therefore is under God’s wrath and judgment.
  5. About the Person of Christ: We believe that Jesus Christ is the incarnate Son of God, conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, fully human though sinless, died on a cross and rose from the dead and is the Lord of Heaven and Earth.
  6. About the Work of Redemption of Christ: We believe that Christ alone can redeem us from sin and punishment, and through His sacrificial death, once and for all, represents us and takes our place.
  7. About Justification: We believe that justification comes by means of the unmerited grace of God, whereby the sinner gains forgiveness of sin and Christ’s righteousness is counted as his/her own. This justification comes by grace through faith alone.
  8. About the Work of the Holy Spirit: We believe the Holy Spirit alone is able convict a person of his/her sin. That His presence in the life of a Believer works to conform him/her to the image of Christ and equips hím/her to testify to the world.
  9. About the Church: We believe the church is the one, holy and universal body of Christ and that every true believer is a member.
  10. About End Times: We believe in the bodily return of Jesus Christ who will carry out final judgment and establish his kingdom.

Our pastors

Dávid Hamar

Pastor of Agóra Corvin

Trey Shaw

Pastor of Agóra Gellért